Dallas suspect had plans for larger attack

US President Barack Obama, who attended a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Poland on Saturday but cut his visit to Spain short by a day, has spoken daily during his trip about the Dallas attacks, calling for police and protesters to "listen to each other".

Doctors at Parkland Memorial Hospital who treated some of the officers who were shot held a news conference on Monday afternoon. Officers stood in a line, as others assembled in a circle around a police auto covered with balloons and flowers.

That strategy revived the debate over militarisation of USA law enforcement. The school said Shaw was treated on scene and returned to protect other officers and civilians.

His attack came on Thursday evening during a protest in downtown Dallas against the fatal shootings of African American men in Baton Rouge and a Minneapolis suburb.

Painting law enforcement with a broad brush "is not sustainable to keeping these officers encouraged", Brown said, adding officers "risk their lives for $40,000 a year - $40,000 a year". He further explained that there was "an exchange of gunfire with the suspect" when negotiations "broke down".

While Dallas tries to determine what led to the shootings in their city, authorities in Louisiana and Minnesota are investigating the controversial deaths of two black men at the hands of white officers.

As protests against the shootings of two black men by police officers shut down main arteries in a number of United States cities last night, police have revealed that the shooter in the Dallas ambush had been practising detonating bombs and planned some kind of major attack. Police took them out of the building on Friday morning. Some protestors carried AR-15 rifles and wore body armor and camouflage, apparently for effect, he said. Brown said he doesn't want his own officers shouldering that responsibility because of "the fatigue factor".

Some markings included the letters RB on a wall and in the stairwell where he died, after the police killed him using a bomb after talks failed.

"This wasn't an ethical dilemma for me", he said.

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In taking personal responsibility for approving the plan in the aftermath of Thursday's shootings, Chief David Brown said he was convinced that any hesitation in giving the go-ahead would have allowed the gunman the chance to harm other officers.

"Bravery is not a strong enough word to describe what they did that day", Brown said of officers' response to Thursday's events.

Investigators believe Johnson had been practicing and training for a long time and probably learned of the protest from social media and concluded there would be many police present. He was killed by a bomb delivered by a remote-controlled robot after negotiations with authorities failed.

The writing suggested that Johnson was wounded in a shootout with police. In then end the suspect was dead and the extension arm of the robot was damaged, but the robot is still functional.

The slain suspect in a deadly attack on police officers in Dallas, Texas was a U.S. Army Reserve veteran who served in Afghanistan, according to U.S. defense officials.

Speaking at a local hospital, wounded mother Shetamia Taylor sobbed as she thanked police who shielded her and her son as the bullets began to fly. Investigators have found no links between Johnson and violent extremist groups.

Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens of the Dallas Police Department and Brent Thompson of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit police will be laid to rest on Wednesday.

Thompson had recently married another transit officer and had six grown children from a previous marriage. "We're trying to figure out through looking at things in his home what those initials mean", Brown said.

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