Eric Garner's family marks 2 years since his death with song

Today, Garner's family has released "I Can't Breathe", a new song titled after Garner's final words as he was held to the sidewalk by police.

Garner's sister, Ellisha Flagg, takes over the vocals and her brother, Steven Flagg, lends a rap verse to the three and a half minute tune. Listen to it below.

Ellisha Flagg sings: "I can hear my brother crying "I can't breathe"/ Now I'm in this trouble and I can't leave".

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In a video that was widely circulated online, Garner repeated "I can't breathe" 11 times before he died.

"I'm exhausted of a system that will never love me/a system that took my brother from me." he raps in one memorable line. A Staten Island grand jury did not indict Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer who put Garner in the fatal chokehold. NYC would later reach a $5.9 million settlement with the Eric Garner estate. And at a Dallas protest against police brutality, five police officers were killed in a sniper ambush by a black gunman who was then killed by a bomb-carrying robot. It can be purchased on iTunes and Apple Music and will be available from other digital retailers on Saturday.

The title, "I Can't Breathe", is a reference to Garner's last words captured by a witness' cellphone as the Staten Man struggled under the crush of a phalanx of police officers.

  • Michael Mitchell