Pokémon Go pushes Nintendo shares up 25%

It is not in any way similar to the traditional Game Boy version and this fact is exactly what has made this game popular in such a short time. The most easier way to install the game on your Android device is by manually installing the Pokemon GO APK.

Pokemon GO is getting rave reviews because it uses Augmented Reality to offer gamers a fully immersive experience.

Japan's Nintendo Co Ltd has been in the news like nearly never before and it is all thanks to the success of its mobile gaming venture - Pokemon GO. He, however, did note that the company is making great progress in sorting out Pokemon Go server issues, and that the game had "a great run" on Thursday evening.

The game is breaking download and sales records in the countries where it is available already, including the US, New Zealand, Australia and Japan, but other countries are waiting on an official version of the app.

There is a question however as to how the group will monetize the game, which is now available to download for free. The app uses real locations around the user for them to find Pokemon creatures. Game-players must be cautious of their immediate environment. If that doesn't count as ground-breaking then we don't know what will!

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Using your phone's Global Positioning System functionality and camera, players will be able to catch Pokemon in real-world locations.

The mobile app allows users to capture, train and battle the fictional creatures who appear throughout the real world.

The Pokémon GO game has exploded since it launched in the past week or so. AR, as its known, is different that virtual reality in which a completely computer-generated world is created. As of now, Pokemon Go is installed on around 6% Android devices.

Nintendo doesn't publish the game, but it's an investor in and partner of the company that does: Niantic Labs, which spun out of Google past year, released the game in the us on July 6, where it immediately shot to the top of the free chart on Apple's iTunes App Store.

  • Michael Mitchell