Warning that paedophiles could lure children using Pokemon Go - then pounce

If you see groups of people walking around like zombies in your neighborhood this week, don't call police - they're just trying to catch 'em all.

The app uses the phone camera to create augmented reality, showing the Pokemon in the real world so players can catch them.

Pokemon Go designers may have had a positive intention of getting its players to go outside and play. Eventually the gamers run out of Pokeballs, which is where locations called Pokestops come in.

The game uses the real-world as the game map, with specific locations tagged as locations in the game that you need to visit.

In a statement, the spokesman of The Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services said that he and his colleagues have already tried the Pokemon Go app themselves to find out if one really has to enter the station premises to obtain the free items. The Old Market is full of the essential stops for gamers, which is attracting people from all over.

Got all that? Good, because those Pokestops and Pokemon are everywhere.

He wrote: "There is a little park a few blocks from me that had like three pokestops and a gym, so I wandered over there to see what the game could offer".

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It was online for about 10 minutes before disappearing for around an hour in what Facebook has insisted was "a technical glitch". Meanwhile, the archived versions of live streams, as in the case with Castile, have been used in TV reports after the fact.

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Well. while it's safe to say that fans are loving the game, the first week of release has not been without some worrying incidents.

That's the chilling warning from one Twitter user - who put out a "lure", and found children appearing within minutes.

Assistant general manager Donnie Dollinger is seeing a significant spike in pedestrian traffic due to the new game.

Her friend Niki Malecki says, "If it was just like all virtual I probably would not be playing it honestly". "Everything like that playing". Zachary Paczynsky says, "You get to meet people, it's fun".

For instance, a 21-year-old communications graduate from Long Island, New York fell from his skateboard while looking at his phone.

"I like that they have to go outside", said Welton. "But to that extent, yeah, I mean, I think it's great".

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