A complete beginner's guide — Pokemon Go

In spite of pleas from the Pokémon Go Twitter account to not do this due to security concerns, and even rumours that players could face a ban, it has not stopped many players from doing so.

Everyone seems to be in love with Pokemon GO, with a majority of people around the world already playing the game.

Like many other Pokémon games, you get to choose your first Pokémon in Pokémon Go, however you're limited to three options.

Players capture them by using their own team of Pokémon to battle them, then, once weakened, throwing a 'Poké Ball' which they become trapped inside. For most people outside of outside of Australia, Asia, US and New Zealand and some few countries, when you go to the official Appstore or Playstore, you can't download the newest craze in the tech and gaming world.

A's outfielder Coco Crisp said the game has taken over the clubhouse.

One unexpected consequence is players suddenly find themselves exercising more, both in search of Pokémon and Pokéstops further afield and to hatch eggs.

We've outlined the method in the video above. "We don't just catch bad guys, we catch pokemon too", tweeted Mountain View Police".

Using their phone as a guide, players follow their avatar (a character that can be modified to resemble the user) throughout the area looking for various pocket-sized monsters with special fighting capabilities (breathing fire, spitting sludge, etc.). Saves you a lot of sweating.

Rayne Greenwood, 24, said she was a big Pokemon fan as a kid. Tap on an enemy to use your basic attack or tap and hold to use a more powerful one and swipe left or right to avoid being hit. "We're halfway there at this point".

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Police say that they believe the suspects conducted multiple armed robberies by targeting their victims through the Pokemon Go game.

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Pokémon Go, which launched in the US just two weeks ago, sees players chasing virtual creatures through the streets, and in some cases into otherwise unfrequented bars and restaurants, to 'catch' Pokémon which can then be used to play against other gamers. It's called Pokémon GO for a reason.

A sign at a local bar somewhere also invites the AR game's players. Incense works like a pheromone that attracts Pokemon to the character for 30 minutes.

At a gym in Castro Valley, Curt di Cristina, 28, suffered an awkward moment when he took out his phone to play between exercises.

While much of Pokémon GO's gameplay requires movement, items like lures and incense can let the player take a break. Pokémon GO is definitely helping those who need it.

Hal Schoolcraft is hooked too, and he's far from a millennial.

Pokémon GO is free to download and free to play. "I was walking off the sidewalk and bumping into plants".

"The last time I remember playing outside with my friends was when I was in junior high". Isaac Smith, 29, humored his girlfriend Monday by spending his lunch hour with her as she tracked down Smirtle in downtown San Jose in front of the Quetzalcoatl statue. LOOK, we have the evidence to prove it... No word yet on a date for the world release but it's coming soon.

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