A Security Risk for iPhones — Pokemon Go

Based on the 1990s Japanese franchise, the augmented reality game topped Apple Inc's APPL.O free app charts.

Pokemon Go allows players to capture, battle, train, and trade virtual Pokemon who appear throughout the real world. Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company International released a joint statement, reports Polygon.

"When Pokemon Go servers experience issues, so do I", a user with the handle @_emilymcc wrote in a post on the aussieoutages.com website. Just how popular is it, though?

The game is available for both iOS and Android.

Franken asked for a response by Aug. 12.

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The issue is with the "full account access" permissions granted to the iOS app upon signing up with a Google account. The '"Pokémon GO" app uses a lot of battery life and it's impossible to catch any, let alone "catch 'em all", with a dead phone.

The popular Pokémon Go game raised major red flags for privacy and security advocates Monday, as security researcher Adam Reeve revealed Pokémon weren't the only things captured by the app. For some users and their data, the app itself had gained some pretty epic Google account permissions - without their knowledge or consent. That game also is granted full access to a user's Google account.

The permission error, which one software architect puts down to "epic carelessness" at the company, basically grants the app and its developer full access to your entire Google account.

Niantic promised it will not use this supreme access of personal information and said it has started working on a fix to reduce the user permission needed to play the game. This is great news for Pokémon Go fans.

If that option is selected, the player is then taken to a Google log-in page - much like the log-in page for Gmail. But then again, so was the logging in problem, which hopefully should now be fixed. I realized not even my MacBook laptop has even remotely the same amount of access that Pokémon Go does. Nintendo owns a third of Pokemon Co and has an undisclosed stake in Niantic.

  • Michael Mitchell