Big security risk uncovered in Pokemon Go

Police in Omaha as well as in several Missouri cities have reported that Pokemon Go players have been robbed.

A new app is taking the world by storm.

When Windows Central contacted the Niantic for a Windows edition of Pokemon Go, it replied that they do not have any information to share on Windows at this time.

Baby, Pokemon first! I'll gladly take the couch in the living room tonight!

USHMM honors the victims of the Holocaust and Nazi genocide. "There's a lot around here", said Xander Lucito, who was playing the game with a friend in the park.

The app's support page claimed that it had "recently discovered" the app erroneously requests full access to Google accounts at the start of the account creation process on iOS for iPhones and iPads, and that once they became aware of the error, began working on a client side fix to ensure access was reduced to basic.

According to Superdata Research, Pokemon Go has already made upwards of $14 million dollars for the Niantic, the company that created it. Nintendo, The Pokemon Company and Alphabet (the company that owns Google) are all big investors in the game.

Padres de Ayotzinapa inconformes con "avances mínimos" en la investigación
Por su parte, Roberto Campa aseguró que el mecanismo de seguimiento no está en duda, por lo que garantizó que éste empezará cuando se terminen de definir los detalles .

Maduro crea programa social de "abastecimiento" seguro para atender escasez
La creación de la Gran Misión se sustenta en la Constitución Nacional y el decreto de estado de excepción y de emergencia económica .

Tour de Francia: Sagan gana la etapa y Froome aumenta la ventaja
Ahora tiene 35 con el colombiano en la general. " Se sigue seleccionando la general y luego quedan muchos días de Tour, mucha montaña en la última semana y las cronos ", indicó el corredor boyacense.

Still, despite some of the drawbacks, loyal fans don't seem deterred in their quest to capture the cute little characters popping up all over the place. After its launch in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. on July 6, Niantic, the game's Australia-based developer, paused the global launch due to overwhelming demand.

Nintendo's newest mobile game, Pokemon Go has caused sensation and some injuries to its players.

Pokemon GO on Tuesday released an updated version on iOS to reduce the number of data permissions it sought from Google account users.

"I am concerned", the Minnesota politician wrote, "about the extent to which Niantic may be unnecessarily collecting, using, and sharing a wide range of users' personal information without their appropriate consent..."

Some people and outlets, including Deadline, fell for it. But others figured it out pretty quickly, hopefully preventing the scammers from making too much of a profit off of their scheme.

Even more impressive? The game isn't even available in most countries yet. A total of 5.61% of US Android users has the game on their phones.

However, initial fears that the game could read players' emails and documents in Google Drive were dismissed after Google said that the "full account access" that Pokémon Go requires does not extend to accessing inboxes and other private information.

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