Hey, Niantic, Just Look How Many Windows Phone Users Want Pokemon Go

The app's support page claimed that it had "recently discovered" the app erroneously requests full access to Google accounts at the start of the account creation process on iOS for iPhones and iPads, and that once they became aware of the error, began working on a client side fix to ensure access was reduced to basic.

Developed by Pokemon Company International, Niantic Inc and Nintendo Co Ltd, the game uses the GPS mapping and camera systems on players' devices. Their eggs take longer to hatch and players have to cover more distance to hatch them.

This one reads: "This item sold only gives you access to the Australian App Store to download the game".

Having spent half of his life in Australia and the other half in China, Ken is a man of two worlds. People are supposed to interact in a digital world, but the virtual universe is not intended to merge with reality.

Launched just last week in North America and other parts of the world, Pokémon Go quickly soared to the top of the charts on iTunes and Google Play.

Pokemon Go is available in the Apple App store for free with-in app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.99. "As in, those cards we collected at school?". You can see what is included in the update below.

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Whether it's Indonesia, Burma, Bolivia or Mongolia, Ken is passionate about hunting down exciting investments in the markets that will drive the next stages of global growth.

A comical image to say the least, however, it would be a travesty to see swarms of 'Ash Ketchum' wannabes trawling across and excavating historical landmarks and heritage sites like Angkor Wat or the pyramids, eyes glued to their screens in pursuit of a virtual cartoon instead of acknowledging the majesty of whatever place they're in.

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Players also have the choice to pop a 'lure' on a location, which will attract more Pokemon to an area for 30 minutes. Despite being a 20-year-old franchise, it's standing the test of time. It's more than likely that structural change will take place in peoples' purchasing behaviour because of the technology.

The premise of the game itself is simple: Go to physical locations and find Pokémon.

But lazy users have found that attaching their smartphones with the game still running to a moving surface, like a spinning bicycle wheel or vinyl, has the same effect.

Any problems are the fault of the users, not the game, suggested John Hanke, chief executive officer for Niantic, the game's maker.

While there might eventually be serious concerns about Pokemon Go for some (data usage, being careless with surroundings, stranger danger), right now let's celebrate an app that has so brilliantly forced us all outside.

We contacted Pokémon who have said that a UK launch date hasn't been confirmed but should be "soon".

But overall, Google's video nearly perfectly predicted the game that would sweep the globe a few years later.

  • Michael Mitchell