What's Behind the Pokémon Go Craze — Q&A

On Wednesday morning, it was announced that Pokemon GO was now live in Germany, marking the game's first official launch in Europe. In the new patch it fixes the Google account issue, also it prevents Trainers from login over and over when the game closes or crash. To put it in perspective, people are spending twice as much time on Pokémon Go than Instagram.

"Pokemon Go" version 1.0.1 fixed a major potential issue that the smartphone game obtains full access to a user's Google account during the sign-up process, which allows Niantic Labs to have access to user's Gmail messages, Google Drive documents, and more.

Pokestops won't sell you items, Gyms won't let you battle and wild Pokemon, perhaps sensing that their potential new master is purest evil, always run away from you. If you're part of the Pokemon Trainer Club, you'll be happy to know that repeated log-ins have been removed as necessary.

This week U.S. senator Al Franken issued an open letter to Niantic, Inc. chief John Hanke requesting answers to a litany of questions Franken has about what data the company's hit augmented-reality mobile game Pokémon Go is collecting from players - especially children.

What's Behind the Pokémon Go Craze — Q&A
What's Behind the Pokémon Go Craze — Q&A

The game has apparently become the most popular mobile game in United States history beating out other behemoths like Draw Something and Candy Crush. We are working hard to improve the experience for everyone. So think before you get excited to play the game as your poor internet connection can very well wreck the joy out of the game.

So, fear not. Pokémon Go is still free.

Diller says the influx of activity in the parks is having a positive effect. I'm one of those who keep on checking the Google Play Store-only to find several dozens of guides and how-to's of the game instead.

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