Best Guide Apps You Should Download Now — Pokemon Go Guide

Pokemon Go is spreading like wildfire around the globe. You have to always remember that downloading apps from nonofficial repositories - such as Google Play and the App Store - entails security risks.

The malicious app's name was Pokemon GO Ultimate and promised users to allow them to play the game, even if not yet available in their country.

If you're still having issues, find the verification email in your inbox from Pokémon Trainers Club and click it again to reverify your account. if you don't have an email, try logging in on a desktop browser and it should put you through.

This game is no exception, researchers recently explained that they have discovered modified versions of the app that installs malware in order to spy on users and the content of their devices and virtually give an attacker full control over a victim's phone.

The apps creator has since fixed the wording, and says they only thing they had access to was a username and email addresses. "As its ultimate functionality is clicking on porn ads, it's not truly damaging".

This malicious Pokémon GO APK is detected by ESET as a variant of Android/Spy.Kasandra.B.

Security firms continue to advise people in countries where the game is not available to download to simply be patient and avoid clearly counterfeit copies.

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Vu, director of the school's Mobile and Networked System Laboratory, was aghast about the Google intrusion even after Niantic's apology. Instead, we recommend you wait for the official game to launch in your country. If not, please download the newest version from the App Store before continuing.

The full story is available on ESET Ireland's blog.

Residents can also SMS the keyword "Ekurhuleni" to 30788, followed by details of the query to enable the call centre to log the query immediately. And better apps mean happier people.

According to another analyst firm SensorTower, mobile users spend more time playing Pokemon than on Facebook.

This app can act as a memory optimizer that kills processes and also boosting your RAM at the same time.

"Repacking the app is common".

Free apps and promotions: Many app stores feature a free app of the day, a discounted premium app, or some other money-saving offer, making discovering new and useful apps simple. However, because of Google's serial of new policies, it is harder and harder for the third party markets to make profits.

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