If This iPhone 7 Leak Is Real, I'm Off to Android

We have our first real glimpse at the iPhone 7 Plus which measures 5.5 inch in size at Weibo.

Apple (AAPL) is considering opening a repair center in Russia for its devices, reports, AppleInsider. There's now a metallic ring around the button that defines it from the rest of the phone. Another image of the front apparently showed the traditional physical clickable home button, instead of the rumored flush touch-sensitive button, MacRumors reported. If this turns out to be accurate, would you still find the iPhone 7 design attractive? The iPhone 7 Plus or Pro is the bigger version of the yet-to-release iPhone 7.

The most striking change brought about by Apple this year - as per the image - is the revamped position of the antenna lines. However, similar to the generational upgraded we will surely be seeing better internals, in terms of processor and built-in graphics. The company may throw in a Taptic angle in there as well, suggest other reports. While nobody knows for sure, some leaks are starting to emerge with a common trend - the iPhone 7 is going to look an awful lot like the iPhone 6s. At least that is what can be inferred from the live photos. MacWorld has also supported the statement that the new MacBook Pro will most probably coincide with the launch of iPhone 7.

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There have been many rumors surrounding the iPhone 7 with the latest one published by Nowhereelse.fr giving us the best view of the iPhone 7 till date. A fresh new rumor has an alternative explanation, though - a glowing notification light under the logo - a feature that has existed for quite some time now on the modding scene and definitely enjoys some fan love. If these stand true, it will surely be a device to look forward to. It seems like the iPhone 7 will feature redesigned antennas. What's more, rather than have a separate part acting as the camera ring, the protrusion is built right in to the frame using the same piece of aluminium.

Dummy unit or unfinished chassis?

Moreover, the phone may also lack a home button which would allow it to be completely waterproof.

Interestingly the bezel of the phone can't be distinguished from the screen.

  • Michael Mitchell