Release Date In August Or Apple Discontinuing 'MacBook Air' Line?

With the arrival of the iPad Pro 2-in-1 convertible, the future of the MacBook Air line of ultra-thin laptops has been made uncertain. Its Intel Skylake processor is said to sustain the gadget's battery life despite its thin and light design.

The MacBook Pro 2016 will be released amid speculations that Apple will discontinue the MacBook Air. The new Air will reportedly come in 13 and 15-inch screens, USB Type-C, next gen graphics and RAM upgrades.

MacRumors suggested that this rumored display could boast a resolution of 5120×2880 pixels which further makes us wonder if the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air 2016 can ever accommodate a feature like that.

The Tame Apple Press is doing its best, saying that that the whole of the PC market is suffering and it was wonderful that Apple saw off the inevitable for so long.

This led to rumors that Apple may already be scrapping the iPad Air lineup, with the new iPad Pro taking its place.

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The MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to come this Fall while the MacBook Air will still be available. Nonetheless, the Cupertino-based tech giant will continue to manufacture the MacBook Air. It will also carry an OLED panel right above the keyboard to replace the function keys.

For instance, Japanese website Mac Otakara claimed that Apple could launch the new MacBook Air in August.

As for the release date of the MacBook Pro 2016, it is generally perceived to be landing sometime in the last quarter of this year.

Today, MacWorld UK reports on rumors of the new iPad Mini's price range, and it's likely that Apple is dropping a version of the device from this generation's lineup. Well, that has been the trend as of late because laptop computer manufacturers are striving hard to meet the consumer demand of lighter but more powerful devices. According to Parent Herald, it will include Touch ID, wireless charging capacity, NFC and much more. According to The Telegraph, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, wants iPad Pro to replace a laptop or notebook. The company intends to release the next generation model of MacBook Pro with latest hardware in order to ensure a steady rise in sales before the end of the year. According to Tech Times, the new MacBook Pro 2016 could be Apple's new flagship model.

  • Michael Mitchell