Brexit polls give edge to 'remain' camp

While exit polls are not allowed to be published during Thursday's vote, which closes at 10 p.m. (2100 GMT) some financial companies have reportedly commissioned private exit polling services to help guide their trading.

A record number of people - nearly 46.5 million - are registered to take part in the once-in-a-generation vote.

The registered voters include Britons from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar - a British territory off the southern coast of Spain.

The City of London financial centre, the International Monetary Fund and the majority of British business leaders back Cameron and his Remain camp's stance that to leave the European Union would plunge Britain into recession, costing jobs and raising prices.

Both Collinson, Wales, and Jenkins say they are nervous for the outcome and are following the referendum closely through Social Media.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace was on Wednesday forced to insist that Queen Elizabeth II did not take part in politics after two of Britain's big selling newspapers brought the monarch into the Brexit discussion.

Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso may also issue a separate statement to prevent a Brexit vote from triggering excessive yen rises, the officials said. Those campaigning to the remain argue that the European Union ensures peace and prosperity for more than 500 million people from Portugal to Finland and the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Much of the heated debate has boiled down to two issues: the economy and immigration.

"You're taking it out of the EU so that will substantially weaken the EU so it will to some extent fragment the EU", he said.

However, Boris Johnson repeated his assertion that a Leave vote would amount to "independence day" for Britain.

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The pound has taken another leap in global trading after two more polls provided a boost to Remain campaigners on the eve of the European Union referendum.

Mr. Johnson has suggested that June 23 could be remembered as the UK's "independence day".

The paper has the second largest print circulation in the country, selling just above 1.5 million copies. It has Leave on 43% and Remain on 41% with 16% either undecided or not intending to vote.

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on Thursday described Britain as a "pragmatic voice" in the debate about the future of the European Union, often in line with Hungary's vision of the 28-member bloc, adding that its exit would be "contradictory" from a political and economic perspective.

British Prime Minister David Cameron and his eurosceptic opponents are making their final pitches on the eve of the Brexit referendum.

The political climate leading up to the referendum has been unusually volatile, with both sides accusing each other of lying and scaremongering.

In an interview with the BBC on June 21, Cox's widower Brendan said she had been "worried" the debate may have been "whipping up hatred". She was the first sitting British lawmaker to be killed since 1990.

After talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Sarkozy said: "I told the chancellor that to save Europe, there would have to be a French-German initiative in the coming months, with a new treaty that tells 450 million Europeans that we have heard what they are saying, that we understand how they feel". To outsiders, Brexit and Trump are insensible choices but for many people within the USA and the United Kingdom, the "sensible choices" are not appealing and, more importantly, have not tried to be appealing.

On Wednesday, another Labour MP tweeted that she had received a death threat for her referendum campaigning.

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