The PlayStation Vita Is Dying, And We Are The Killers

Another year has passed us by with minimal mention of the Playstation Vita. The PlayStation Neo is expected to be rolled out first later this year. The PlayStation Vita is a fantastic portable console. So what went wrong?

Pachter is a Wedbush Securities analyst and is known for his forecasting of various things in the gaming industry. On average, the life cycle of a console is of five years. Escape Plan, Uncharted, Hot Shots, Hustle Kings, Little Deviants, ModNation Racers, Super Stardust, and Wipeout were your only options if you were buying in on day one.

It's interesting indeed, and we're looking forward to seeing the future of console gaming as Microsoft and Sony unleash their latest hardware. That puts the launch date somewhere between June and September.

The GPU of the PlayStation Neo is rumored to have 36 CUs at 911MHz.

The Nintendo NX is among the next-generation of consoles to come.

The reason behind this seems to be the introduction of the upgraded version of the PlayStation 4, which is the PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation Neo.

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"We had such a strong and, I'd say, pure story about games", Ryan said. After all, they are much easier when it comes to refurbishing and repackaging when compared to discs. No one wants a device without substantial software.

"No, we haven't started anything. And that's the real major step-change".

On the topic of performance upgrades for current games when played on PS4K, the source made it clear that there will not be any performance upgrades for current PS4 games by being played on PS4K. The console will reportedly hit the market during October 2016.

Consequently, PS4 owners can rest assured that their consoles are not reaching the end of their life cycle just yet. The rumor is surrounded by criticisms as that "gimmick" was not well-received when it was introduced in the Wii U. It may even be just the start of something even bigger. Thus, it will not be surprising if Sony abstains from releasing the PlayStation 5 shortly. The Vita's blood isn't on Sony's hands, it's on ours. Every console relies on its community and messaging to sell. If the community is negative, public opinion of the console will be likewise.

However, Forbes noted that if Nintendo will be able to make it solid this time around, the feature might be worth it. The publication also reported that a big problem for the NX is its horsepower, considering that Nintendo is staying away from waging a "teraflop war" against the two tech giants.

  • Michael Mitchell